The Photographers

Discovering, travelling, photographing and sharing our emotions are our passions and our main motivation in order to bear witness, through our images, to the richness and beauty of wild life. More than anything, we love being out in nature, far from cities and all signs of civilisation.

Jean-Louis Klein

Jean-Louis has been passionate about ornithology and animal photography from the age of 15. He has undertaken numerous expeditions through the natural environments of Europe between 1970 and 1998 ( from the Delta of Gadalquivir in Spain to Varanger Fjord in Norway). Working as a forester in Hautes Vosges from 1978 till 1993, he studied more particulary the biology of the Hazel Hen (Bonasa bonasia) from 1983 till 1990. In 1985 his film on the Capercaille, shot on 16mm film, was aired on FR3.


Marie-Luce Hubert

Marie-Luce is an ardent admirer of horses and wolves. From 1982 till 1990, she studied Biology at the Universities of Nancy in France and Sarrebrücken in Germany, where she specialized in ethology (the study of animal behaviour). Fascinated by the arctic regions, she has studied the biology of the Musk Ox(Ovibos moschatus) during several stays in Scandinavia and Greenland. She has also completed expeditions in Canada and in the Northern reaches of Europe, including a crossing from the South to the North of Iceland on foot.


Team Klein & Hubert

In 1989, Marie-Luce Hubert and Jean-Louis Klein met during an expedition on the Northeast coast of Greenland and discovered their common passion for the fauna, photography and the huge solitary spaces.
After the drafting of two books dedicated, one to the nature of the Vosges mountains, the other one to the trees of Europe, Jean-Louis and Marie-Luce decided to dedicate themselves exclusively to wildlife photography and became professional in 1993. Since then they have travelled extensively in the Arctic, Antarctica, Africa, Australia, Asia and North America, photographing the wild canines (wolf, jackal, coyote, arctic fox, dingo), the great apes, marine mammals and wild horses. Their journeys in the isolated regions of the globe have been real adventures during which they have been able to quench their thirst for travel whilst deepening their knowledge of the animal kingdom. Wherever in the world they may be, one of the keys to the couple's success is the intimate relarionship they etablish, with limitless patience, with their subjects.
Their images have also been awarded several prizes in the prestigious "BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year" contest (in 1989 : first prize in the category "Birds" and in 1994 : three images of Arctic Fox in the category "Mammals").


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