Jean-Louis Klein and Marie-Luce Hubert have been passionate photographers for over 30 years, sharing their work around the world.

Distributed by 10 renowned agencies in Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia, their work is recognised worldwide. 

1784 380 Klein&HubertLion mâle subadulte en chasse, se déplaçant à l'aube devant un troupeau de gnous qui ont repéré le prédateur - Afrique - Kenya - Réserve National de Masai Mara - (Panthera leo leo) - Subadult male lion hunting and walking at sunrise in front of herd of wildebeest- Africa - Kenya - National Reserve of Maasai Mara -

1609 060 Klein&HubertManchot empereur - adulte et son poussin Antarctique (Aptenodytes forsteri) Emperor penguin - adult and chick Antarctica

1662 006 Klein&HubertJeune Hibou grand-duc dans une forêt de pins au printemps, entraînant ses ailes - (Bubo bubo) - France - Young Eurasian Eagle owl in pine forest in spring, training wings

Wildlife works

Jean-Louis Klein and Marie-Luce Hubert have always been drawn to wildlife, particularly mammals and their behaviour. They have travelled to many wilderness areas around the world, working on long-term projects and developing their own style to capture the key behaviours of a species.


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Domestic Works

The world of domestic animals has fascinated Jean-Louis Klein and Marie-Luce Hubert since they were children. The patience they developed photographing cats and dogs prepared them to anticipate the behaviour of their wild cousins. The world of farm animals also seems limitless to them, particularly when it comes to documenting old and endangered breeds.


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1560 023 Klein&HubertMoutons à Nez Noir du Valais sur un alpage en automne Suisse (Ovis aries) Blacknosed Valais sheeps on alpine meadow in autumn Switzerland

1866 050 Klein&HubertJeune lapin nain bélier cannelle et jeune lapin nain gris debout près d'une touffe de gaillardes jaunes dans l'allée d'un jardin en été - (Oryctolagus cuniculus) - (Gaillardia sp.) - France - Young cinnamon dwarf lop rabbit (minilop) and young dwarf rabbit standing next to blanket flowers in a garden alley in summer -

1509 004 Klein&HubertChat tigré couché dans un pré en été- portrait (Felis catus) France Tabby cat lying in meadow in summer- portrait

The photographers

Jean-Louis Klein and Marie-Luce Hubert live from and for their passion: by travelling, discovering new landscapes, new species and capturing the beauty of wildlife, they bear witness to the richness of nature that surrounds us, precedes us and will succeed us. For them, photography is more than a job; it's an island, like a bubble away from people and cities.

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